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David Ross has acquired new duties in his Bryzzo internship, but he's still struggling

The Bryzzo Souvenir Company is thriving in the current economy. Just prior Opening Day, the souvenir conglomerate brought in some new partners in Kyle Schwarber, Addison Russell, Javier Baez and Ben Zobrist. At the time, David Ross was assigned to mail room duty -- a task he didn't seem to take to immediately.

In the latest update from Bryzzo's marketing department, we learn that Ross's role in the organization has changed. He is now on the morning coffee and donuts detail to keep the higher-ups happy and productive.

It's unclear from the video whether Ross has been reassigned after a failed tenure in the mailroom or if his role has been expanded as the result of hard work. Either way, one thing is clear: Ross is still learning the ropes at Bryzzo.
For how long will Bryzzo continue to tolerate Ross's shaky start as an intern? We'll likely find out.