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We should ban daylight saving time

(Art by Tom Forget /

Look at this guy.

Does he look happy? Does he look happy to be changing the clock back so that we all can be sad? So that we all can miss seeing the light of day? So that we can all walk back from work in a dark, cold, unforgiving wasteland?

No, he does not. He is not. Neither am I, and neither is Red Sox infielder Michael Chavis.

Yes, daylight saving time. We all had to turn our clocks back an hour earlier this month, and now the days seem that much shorter and that much more miserable.

Look at this guy!

You really made him pull out his screwdriver and special clock helmet just so he could make our lives worse?

How about this man?

You made him hang from the top of a giant clock tower, risking his life, to do something nobody wants done?

Seriously, everybody hates daylight saving time. A poll this year said 70 percent of Americans want it to stop. And yet, we continue to submit to this rule put in place in the 1960s -- in order to conserve energy in our homes during the spring and summer months.

Who lives in homes anymore? We have energy-saving light bulbs now. We're blasting our air conditioning all day anyway.

Some even believe that founding father Benjamin Franklin came up with the DST idea back in the 1700s. Should we really be listening to the guy who wanted a turkey as our national symbol?

I don't even know how to fix it at this point. Should we just have the springtime DST all year 'round? Can we just go back to the normal clocks we had before this law went into place? I just want it to be light out when I leave work, dark when I go to sleep and light out when I get up in the morning. All year. I don't want the sun to start setting at 3:30 pm. I don't want my commute home to feel like I'm in the Blair Witch Project.

And it's not just me. Both time changes cause health problems, car accidents, street crimes and laziness. It makes us more tired. It makes us delirious. It can cause chaos.

It's mostly just useless.

Michael Chavis needs to take his opinion to the Senate floor and yell at anybody who will listen. Let there be light. Let there be dark. Let the days and nights be days and nights.

None of us should have the power to control time.