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Dee Gordon is the only one who thinks he can defeat The Freeze

If you haven't heard of The Freeze, it's time we taught you a thing or two about this agile man who can outrun anybody. Well, almost anybody. He has been defeated before so we know it's possible, but what if he were to take on someone like Dee Gordon?

The Marlins are currently in Atlanta taking on the Braves, and the question arose as to whether The Flash or The Freeze would win if they were to race each other. Gordon's reaction was predictable, and rather hilarious.

"Me, duh," he said to the camera. And he will not let anyone named "The Freeze" beat him, he explained.
The Freeze has taken on countless volunteers at SunTrust Park who thought they could defeat him whilst giving each runner a generous head start.
It's doubtful Gordon, who has stolen 23 bags this season, would need a head start like everyone else, but could he outrun The Freeze? Not only does Braves broadcaster and MLB veteran Jeff Francoeur doubt that, but so does Gordon's own skipper.

Don Mattingly was asked by's Joe Frisaro who would win between the two:
"It's hard to tell," Mattingly said. "I don't know. It's a pretty long run. But I don't think we need Dee to be doing that."
No love from your own? It seems like the only one who believes The Flash is better than The Freeze, is Gordon himself.