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Kirk Gibson and Dennis Eckersley teamed up for a ceremonial first pitch before Game 4 of the World Series

Before Game 4 of the World Series on Saturday night in Los Angeles, two participants in one of the most legendary moments in baseball history shared a ceremonial first pitch for the ages. 
Dennis Eckersley and Kirk Gibson teamed up on the field at Dodger Stadium for a tandem pitch that was a sight to behold, Eckersley firing a strike to Gibson at home plate:

This came mere hours after the pair of baseball icons watched Game 3 together on Friday night. They're basically best friends!
If you had a time machine, could you imagine going back and telling somebody in October 1988 that this would be a thing happening 30 years later? It'd probably blow their mind, and rightly so.
But after all, Eckersley and Gibson are inexorably linked forever, so why not lean into it for a great moment? Hopefully this allows still-suffering A's fans to move past their rough memories, too.

This pairing came after Eckersley honored the actual anniversary of their iconic moment on Oct. 15: 

Well done, everybody. 
As expected, the Dodgers' pregame ceremony featured lots of celebrity flash. Former Lakers star Kobe Bryant, donning a Manny Machado jersey, announced the Dodgers lineup:

After meeting with Machado himself for a photo-op:

 The national anthem was performed by Ryan Tedder, songwriter, Grammy-winning record producer and front man of the Grammy-nominated group OneRepublic.

The stars definitely came out for this one ...