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Did Derek Jeter really hit a hole-in-one at his own golf tournament?

Here are the facts as we know them: This week, the Derek Jeter Celebrity Invitational golf tournament was played at Shadow Creek in Las Vegas. Video evidence from the scene tells us two things. 1) Jeter listens to Jay-Z while he golfs. 2) He allegedly hit a hole in one.

Love my job!!! Hole in one by #DerekJeter...or is it? #DJCI #Turn2is20 #Turn2 #DJCI2016

A video posted by Sharlee Jeter (@sjeter2) on

This doesn't seem totally unbelievable, right? If anyone is going to make a clutch play in any athletic situation, it might as well be Jeter. But let's look at the video again. Specifically, this part:


OR IS IT? This truly is the Zapruder film of our time. Excuse us while we re-watch it frame by frame for the next 50 years in an attempt to discover whether the hole-in-one actually happened.