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Derek Jeter visited 'Late Night' to settle whether he really hit a hole-in-one at his golf tournament

A couple of weeks ago, Derek Jeter's sister posted an Instagram video that allegedly showed her Cooperstown-bound brother hitting a hole-in-one ... at his own charity golf tournament in Las Vegas.  

At first, this seemed totally believable -- what could be more Derek Jeter than showing up to your own tournament and hitting an ace? But then we saw the video's caption: "Hole in one by Derek Jeter ... or is it?" In the days after, the question haunted us. But thankfully, on Tuesday night's "Late Night with Seth Meyers," Jeter put the question to rest. The answer: No, it wasn't real ... or was it?

When Meyers asked Jeter about the shot, he appeared to confess:
I told [my group], 'We have this video crew here, and no matter where I hit this ball, just act like it's a hole-in-one.' And actually it was the best shot I hit all day, so when I hit it, I was saying, 'This has a chance to be a hole-in-one.' But a couple members of my group started cheering a little early.
Except, well, when Meyers asked for confirmation that the video was a ruse, Jeter would only respond, "I didn't say that." WHICH IS IT, CAPTAIN? 
Click on the video above to catch the whole interview -- which, in addition to the latest twist in the world's greatest golfing mystery, includes Jeter thanking Boston fans for mellowing out a little after finally winning a World Series. Meyers, a noted Sox fanatic, responded by reminding him that the Red Sox had just swept the Yankees out of Fenway. Old habits die hard.