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Dexter Fowler patted a Phillies fan on the back after his game-winning catch

When Dexter Fowler is on patrol in the outfield, it often spells bad news for opposing fans. The athleticism that once made him a strong center fielder has helped him in right for the Cardinals, and the last play of their game at Citizens Bank Park on Thursday afternoon offered a challenge.

Andrew McCutchen lifted a high fly ball down the right-field line, toward the corner. Fowler tracked it as it leaned into the stands in foul territory, where a Phillies fan was hoping to catch it and keep the game alive. Fowler emerged victorious ...

... but at least offered a conciliatory pat on the back for the disappointed fan. What a guy.

So while the Phillies fan didn't get to go home with a souvenir, he at least got to make contact with Fowler. You laugh, but the guy has magic hands. I call that a win.