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The D-backs honored a dog named Todd, who saved his owner from a rattlesnake bite

Heroes seem to emerge every day in the community, whether it's a firefighter saving a child from a burning building or just an Average Joe pulling someone back from accidentally walking into a moving car.
Before the D-backs' game against the Padres on Sunday, they took a moment to honor one such star as part of Heroes Weekend at Chase Field. This hero just happened to be a little furrier than the normal ones.
Meet Todd, a golden retriever. On Friday, June 29, Todd saved his human, Paula Godwin, from a rattlesnake bite by jumping in front of her leg while they walked down a hill in Anthem, Ariz. As Godwin shared, the poor guy endured an unfortunate result:

Don't mind how he looks: What mattered was that Todd saved Godwin from the snake.
In an amusing twist, the baseball team named after a snake gave a salute to Todd on Sunday by welcoming him and Godwin to Chase Field:

Todd is a 100/10 on our scale. He should win a playdate with Archie Bradley's black lab, Crash.
We only ask for pictures.