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Derek Dietrich took a brief time out to admire his homer into the Allegheny River at PNC Park

In the second inning of Sunday's Reds-Pirates game at PNC Park, Cincinnati infielder Derek Dietrich swung on a 1-0 offering from Chris Archer ... and knew he got all of it.

But as the ball flew into the sky, its trajectory obviously destined for home run distance, just how far would it go? Dietrich was curious, so he stood at home plate a few seconds and admired it as it sailed all the way over the bleachers and into the Allegheny River.

Take another look at Dietrich taking another look:

See, there it is bobbing up and down in the river. A truly majestic blast, clocked at 110.2 mph off the bat and a calculated distance of 436 feet.

Later in the game, benches cleared after Archer threw a pitch behind Dietrich his next trip to the plate, so emotions were definitely running high on the afternoon.

Then, for good measure, Dietrich came up in the eighth inning, hit another home run that landed in the river. Oh, and he admired it again, too.