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Charlie Blackmon ran out of gas on the highway, but DJ LeMahieu was there for support

It's good to have a friend in your town -- someone you can rely on and who can help you out in times of emergency. Charlie Blackmon knows this. Blackmon, who ran out of gas on the highway Tuesday morning, definitely knows this.

In the offseason, fellow Rockies Blackmon and DJ LeMahieu live and work out together in Atlanta. It looks like Blackmon had already refueled his jeep -- which he got from his parents and has had for years -- by the time LeMahieu got there, but I'm sure he appreciated the second baseman's moral support nonetheless. That's what teammates are for -- to help you through predicaments. Or, at least, to take a photo of said predicament and share it with the internet.
I just hope Blackmon didn't forget the smoothie on the roof. Tomorrow, he should probably take the Bat Mobile.