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The Dodgers are wearing a shirt that perfectly sums up the Chase Utley-Enrique Hernandez father-son dynamic

A running gag this season around the Dodgers has to do with how Chase "Silver Fox" Utley is effectively the entire team's collective dad, given his age (39) and his status as an elder statesman in the game. He's set to retire after season's end
Utility man/reliever Enrique Hernandez has taken a strong affinity to Utley, so much that he's paid tribute with some special batting practice attire, which he's wearing in this photo: 

He's committed to the bit.

Really committed.

Before their 5-2 loss to the Giants on Monday night, it was reported that several Dodgers were wearing this shirt, which really is the perfect encapsulation of this entire phenomenon:

Hernandez showed off the look during batting practice:

That just about sums it up.