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Enrique Hernandez beat the extreme heat in Anaheim by taking batting practice shirtless

Those not in Southern California often imagine the region as something of a dream -- perfect weather, all the time, every day, nonstop.That may be an idealized version of the reality of living there, but it's not too far from the truth. It does tend to be warm and sunny much of the year.
Right now, though, it's reached otherworldly levels of summer heat. First pitch for Friday's Dodgers-Angels game came with an on-field temperature of 108 degrees -- no, seriously. 

Pants became shorts before the game:

Enrique Hernández was feeling the heat in his Dodgers warmups: 

He felt it so much, in fact, that he and Austin Barnes shed the constraints of their jerseys and took their hacks in batting practice topless: 


That's one way to beat the heat. 
This type of display is nothing new to Hernandez, of course, as he's no stranger to showing off when the moment strikes: