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Please help us identify whether Zack Greinke's flowing haircut is a mullet or something else

The phrase "business in the front, party in the back," pertaining to the hairstyle known as the mullet, generally elicits a specific type of response from folks. So, too, does the singularly intriguing career and personality of Zack Greinke, who's put together a consistent career pitching for a number of teams, including the D-backs, who were visiting the Cubs at Wrigley Field on Saturday afternoon.

I don't know if it's an effect of the flowing winds at Wrigley -- which were in the news recently for wreaking total havoc for players on the field -- but Greinke's hair on Saturday was especially noticeable. The question that popped up on social media on more than a few occasions was whether his look can be classified as a mullet or ... something else.

For comparison's sake, here's the mullet worn by the Rockies' Charlie Blackmon, who makes no apologies for his look:

Greinke's sported a number of different looks over the years. With the D-backs, you could expect to see him with hair like he had on Saturday, or, perhaps, like this buzz-cut look from 2017:

It's also noticeably different from the blond locks of the Mets' Noah Syndergaard -- whose flowing mane was a big factor in his earning the mighty nickname of "Thor."

There's a fullness to Syndergaard's hair, however, that definitively makes that not a mullet. It's a complete head of hair, whereas Greinke's current presentation does seem to have a bit of a mix of his buzz-cut era with whatever's going on in the back.

So, now that these last few paragraphs haven't done anything to add clarity to the issue, let's put it to a vote. Do you think Greinke has a mullet? Weigh in below, and let's figure this out once and for all.