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This Eagles fan thought she'd miss the Super Bowl but ended up meeting Mike Trout

Just a few days ago, Haley Parks was distraught: Her beloved Philadelphia Eagles were set to play in the Super Bowl, but thanks to an incredibly ill-timed appointment to have her wisdom teeth removed, she wasn't sure if she'd be able to make the trip. Not even the lingering effects of anesthesia could cheer her up:

(Be sure to watch all five videos in the post above, especially the one in which she's not sure how the Eagles will know she's rooting for them because "I don't have their telephone numbers, mom.")

But wait -- plot twist!

God Bless America and go Birds!!

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Thankfully, Haley ended up making it to the game after all. And, as if watching your favorite team win its first championship wasn't enough, she even got to meet a certain other Eagles fan:

Can things get any better??

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A pretty perfect sports weekend.