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Edinson Volquez's cap did not quite match his teammates' on Opening Night

When you're really excited for something momentous, like pitching for the reigning World Series champions on Opening Night or making sure there's a cap on your head for #CapsOn on Opening Day, it can be easy to overlook the small details. You can be so focused with anticipation that you might, say, accidentally wear the wrong cap on the mound for the first game of the Royals' 2016 season.

So it's totally understandable that Edinson Volquez pitched the first inning of the Royals-Mets World Series rematch on Sunday night wearing what looked like the Royals' batting practice cap -- not the Spring Training cap, as it was missing the "AZ" logo on the side -- instead of the team's special gold Opening Day cap. He might've been more concerned with setting the Mets' first batters down in order (which he did) than what specific cap he was wearing. He just grabbed a hat:

Unless Volquez had every intention of wearing this cap, because he knew it was #CapsOn and he wanted to wear his favorite-favorite cap, thinking the crown above the "KC" was a nice reminder that, yeah, the Royals are the team to beat this season.
Either way, when Volquez took the mound for the second, his hat matched the rest of his teammates'.
And let's remember: Someone could've, you know, told him before he went out there.