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Edwin Encarnacion goes reverse 'Deal with it' by taking OFF his sunglasses before blasting a homer

The "Deal with it" meme is one of the best ways to highlight nonchalant coolness. Sunglasses come down, "Deal with it" appears, awesomeness ensues. 

Edwin Encarnacion decided to do it in "Twin Peaks"-style reverse during Sunday's Blue Jays-Red Sox game. Batting in the bottom of the first, Encarnacion came to the plate, and, realizing he was still in his shades, got rid of them. 
Are those sunglasses being tossed away or a gauntlet being thrown? Turns out, they're a gauntlet as Encarnacion blasted a solo home run to start the Jays scoring. 

Three innings innings later, Encarnacion came to the plate again, sans sunglasses, and hit a massive two-run shot. 

There's really only three simple words that one needs here. No, not "Cue the parrot," or even "I love you." That's right: "Deal with it. Deal with it indeed."