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Elias Diaz had his first career triple -- until his feet got in the way and he tripped around second base

The Pirates' Elias Díaz is getting the most playing time of his young career for the Pirates these days. In 45 games this season, Diaz has picked up 31 base hits -- including eight doubles and one home run. 
He's still looking for that elusive first triple, though he really thought he had it in the bottom of the fourth inning of Thursday's 8-2 loss with the Cubs at PNC Park. And he probably would've had it, easily, after hitting a ball into the left-center-field gap and taking off around the bases. But, as happens to all of us in one way or another, the best laid plans don't always work out. Sometimes, our feet get in the way and, well: 

It was the second noteworthy trip-and-fall of this Cubs-Pirates series, as there must be something in the air. 
What almost was Diaz's first triple became his ninth career double. Still a good accomplishment, but ... guess that milestone will have to wait another day.