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Elvis Andrus is the king of dekes, and his latest kept Cameron Maybin from advancing to third

On the field, every ballplayer wants that competitive edge -- an element of his game that allows his to have a special advantage in a given situation. For middle infielders, a perfectly executed deke can be a great skill to have in your back pocket, so to speak.
As he's shown time and time again on the diamond, Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus definitely has that little "something," and his latest trickery came in Texas' 8-3 win over the Angels on Thursday afternoon. 
In the third inning, Cameron Maybin took off for second on a stolen base attempt. While he had the base nabbed, Robinson Chirinos' throw sailed into center field -- but Andrus' antics, specifically pretending to have caught the ball and applying a tag on a sliding Maybin -- worked, and Maybin didn't advance to third, despite the baseball taking a trip to the outfield:

We've seen Andrus fake out opposing teams' outfielders while running the bases: 

... but now he's proven he can also bust out a solid deke with the glove, and that's a good skill to have as a middle infielder.