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Elvis Andrus wore hospital bracelet from the birth of his son on the field Saturday night

(Tony Gutierrez)

Elvis Andrus was exhausted as he arrived at the ballpark on Saturday.
The shortstop had missed the two previous games because he and his wife Cori were busy introducing their son Elvis Emilio to the world. The couple welcomed the baby boy Thursday morning and Elvis told T.R. Sullivan of that he hasn't had a lot of rest, but his days have been filled with joy.
"Everybody's like, 'You'll see when you go through the whole process. It changes everything up,'" he said. "I thought I understood that a month ago. Every time they say that, but until you go through the whole process, that's when you actually realize it."
He paid tribute to his son as the team took on the Angels by wearing the hospital bracelet on his right arm that he was given while awaiting the birth of baby Elvis.

It seemed to bring him luck as well. The two-time All-Star extended his hitting streak to eight games.
Cori is recovering and resting. As far as Elvis getting his own rest, his teammates told him, "You'll sleep when you're on the road."