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The Dodgers won, but Enrique Hernandez is bummed he missed out on this celebratory selfie

The Dodgers, as a team, had a great night on Monday. They beat the Rangers, 5-4, thanks to a game-tying grand slam from Justin Turner and Charlie Culberson's walk-off single. As an individual, however, starting shortstop Enrique Hernandez's evening was a little less fortunate.
First, as the Dodgers trailed, 1-0, in the third inning, Hernandez hit what he and all the Dodgers fans in attendance thought was a two-run home run. He made it all the way around the bases -- he ran his entire home run trot -- when it was decided that actually, nope, Hernandez's blast had pulled foul. Those runs put on the board? Take 'em off:

And then, in the fifth inning, Hernandez was on base when Turner launched his grand slam, and he came in to score, for real this time, with everyone else. It should've been a most joyous occasion. But if you look closely, Hernandez was just seconds late to share in the fake celebratory selfie with Turner and Adrian Gonzalez:

If you're wondering if Hernandez noticed, he definitely noticed:

Hey, it's Spring Training and these things happen. It takes a while to get your home plate celebrations down. And despite Hernandez's evening, the Dodgers did go on to win -- and he can always put on that banana suit to cheer himself up.