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Eric Hosmer accidentally hit the ball twice on one swing

Sometimes, baseball makes sense.
Other times, Eric Hosmer swings and hits the ball twice.
During the Royals' 11-3 loss to the Cardinals on Monday, Hosmer was trying keep the inning alive in an at-bat against the formidable Carlos Martinez. Ahead in the count, 1-2, Martinez threw a wicked changeup diving down in the zone. Hosmer had already committed to his swing and had to stretch simply to make contact.
He did, and the results were, well, bizarre:

Yes, the ball that was fouled somehow found its way back to Hosmer's bat, where it made contact again and dribbled to Martinez.
The Cardinals initially thought they got the out, but it was merely a foul ball. They got the grounder they needed on the next pitch anyway to end the inning.
That Hosmer swing was funky, but it still doesn't beat Hunter Pence doubling in the 2012 NLCS (also against the Cardinals) on a ball he hit three times.