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Watch KBO MVP Eric Thames mash a first-pitch homer during a Spring Training game in California

Last fall, Eric Thames became the third foreign player to win KBO MVP, because he hit an unbelievable, this-video-game-has-a-glitch .381/.497/.790, with 47 home runs in 2015. 

And, well, it doesn't appear that 2016 will be any different:

Yep, Thames demolished the first pitch of his first at-bat during the NC Dino's game against the KT Wiz at San Manuel Stadium (home of the Inland Empire 66ers) in California this weekend, as part of the team's "March West" Spring Training. Whether in Korea or his home state of California, Thames just sends baseballs far, far away.
And it may not be the last homer Thames hits in California this week. In case the time difference was preventing you from thoroughly keeping up with Thames' domination, the Dinos are playing games against the Wiz, who joined them in the U.S., and a few of the area's college teams through the end of February:

And if the way things started are any indication, everybody better strap in for another season of Thames' Baseball Demolition Emporium.
You can watch more highlights of the game below:

h/t MyKBO