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Meet the man who's on a quest to play a game of catch every single day in 2018

Initially, Ethan Bryan's only New Year's resolution for 2018 was to go golfing with his dad at least once a month. Then, on Jan. 1, he had a game of catch with his daughter -- and had an idea. Why not play catch once a day, every day, all year?
"Two of my mantras are 'Baseball brings people together' and 'Baseball tells the best stories,'" Bryan told "This feels like a natural way to keep living out those mantras, playing catch with people and learning their stories."
Sure enough, Bryan -- a Royals fan from Springfield, Mo. -- was back out there the next day ... and the next day ... and the next day, despite subfreezing temperatures. He doesn't expect to find 365 different throwing partners, but he's willing to play with just about anyone -- from members of his church to a college player he met at a local park. Plus, he's always got his two daughters as backup.
"If they play catch with me, I'll do one of their chores for them," Bryan said. "Probably dishes. Neither one of them are a fan of dishes."
You can follow along with Bryan's journey on his website, where he posts the story of that day's game. And if he inspires you to take up a similar project, but sure to let us know @Cut4.