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Evan Longoria's son has spent the winter working on his Benny 'The Jet' Rodriguez impression

Every generation has their singular baseball movie -- the one they first saw growing up and then later showed their kids. "The Bad News Bears" gave way to "The Natural" which gave way to "Major League." The movie that resonates most deeply today is "The Sandlot," which celebrated its 25th anniversary last year with a tour around the Major Leagues. 
That also means plenty of big leaguers love the movie, and they share that joy with their children. This winter, Giants third baseman Evan Longoria has been working with his son, Nash, on perfecting his impression of Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez sliding in to keep Babe Ruth's baseball out of The Beast's mouth. 
Nash has it nailed: 

Compare it to the original: 

Not bad.