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Evan Longoria took out a full-page ad to thank Rays fans

Evan Longoria did basically everything possible while playing for the Rays. He holds the team record in WAR, runs, doubles, home runs, RBIs, walks and is second to Carl Crawford by nine hits. 
Basically the only thing he didn't do is deliver a World Series to the town, though he did help the team come only a few games shy against the Phillies in 2008. Recently traded to the Giants, Longoria took out an ad in the Tampa Bay Times to thank the team and the fans for the last decade. Naturally, he used his legendary Game 162 photo as he raced around the bases with his arms outstretched: 

Just as Longoria said that he can't think of a "significant sporting moment" in his life without the Rays being a part of it, it's hard to think of a significant Rays moment without thinking of Longo diving at third or waving his bat at the plate.