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Everyone except A.J. Hinch lost track of the count when Jake Marisnick drew a walk

You take it for granted that you always know the count when watching a game. After all, if you don't happen to keep a running track of it yourself, you've always got the score bug on the TV to help you out. For those actually playing the game, it gets a little more complicated. Batters are trying to figure out what the pitcher is going to throw, pitchers are trying to figure out the best way to fool the batter and the umpire has to watch out for any number of rule infractions that may pop up. 

Usually, through this system of checks and balances, someone knows the count. Not this time. When Jake Marisnick took ball four from Cole Hamels in the bottom of the fifth inning on Sunday, he prepared to step back in the box. The umpire went to clean off the plate and Hamels, if he knew that it was a walk, certainly wasn't going to betray his chance at getting Marisnick out. 


While you may never draw a walk that you're unaware of in a Major League game, there do appear too be some similarities between this scenario and some common day-to-day issues. To help you connect with baseball, here they are: 

- Going to a concert and there are two lines and you don't know why there are two lines.

- You buy something you thought was on sale, but the original price is rung up. DO YOU SAY SOMETHING? 

- Your waiter brings the wrong dish and you have to ask yourself, "Did I really order the raw squid? Maybe I did." 

Hopefully we all have A.J. Hinch's in our lives, looking out for us when these things happen.