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Noah Syndergaard was so nasty Thursday that a fan is bleaching his hair Thor blond

Noah Syndergaard missed nearly all of the 2017 season with a partial tear in his right lat muscle. He came back in late September to make two abbreviated starts, but he threw just three total innings -- and as the Mets broke for the offseason, plenty of questions remained. Would Thor be good to go for 2018? What did this mean for the mascot-trollingcatcher-branding, 93-mph-slider-firing demigod we knew and loved? 
Sure, he showed up to Mets camp looking like an actual Norse god, which helped, and then he spent most of Spring Training setting radar guns on fire, which allayed our fears even more. But still, we wouldn't know for sure whether Thor was Thor until he took the mound on Opening Day against the Cardinals. Spoiler alert: He is. His 10 strikeouts through six innings will even force a fan to change his hair color:

Here are five of the nastiest GIFs from his Opening Day performance.
Syndergaard wasted no time getting back to work, sitting down Dexter Fowler on a 99-mph fastball to lead off the game:

He then got Marcell Ozuna looking on another heater that belongs in the Louvre:

Of course, if you sit on his fastball, there's also that slider -- as Tommy Pham learned the hard way:

And now, a friendly reminder that Ozuna was one of the best hitters in baseball last season:

(Sorry, Marcell, this really isn't your fault.)
The only thing nastier than a high-90s fastball? A high-90s fastball that moves like this:

In all, Syndergaard gave up four runs while striking out 10 in six innings, as the Mets picked up a 9-4 win. Please don't leave us again, Noah.