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A fan almost lost her hat during the Astros' victory parade, but the Houston crowd helped her out


Friday afternoon was meant to be a time of joy for the Astros and their fans as they celebrated the first World Series championship in the history of the state of Texas with a victory parade through downtown Houston. For one woman though, it almost turned into a disappointment.

While watching the parade from one of the upper floors of a parking garage, she dropped her hat, and it seemed like it would just have to be an unfortunate casualty of the day's excitement.

Fortunately for her, fellow fans came to the rescue with an impressive relay up the garage:

Not only was her hat successfully tossed up at least eight stories, but it even survived two close calls on its journey back to her. During an errant attempt, the hat fell three levels but was caught and sent all the way back up. Then, one floor shy of the fan, it almost fell again, but someone else on the same level managed to snare it.

What else can we say? Hats off to you, Houston. High-fives all around!