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Fernando Rodney rode the bullpen cart and you'd better believe he did so in style

The Twins beat the Tigers on Tuesday, 6-4, at Comerica Park. 41-year-old Fernando Rodney nailed down the win with his 14th save (and 14th bow-and-arrow bit) of the season, striking out two in a clean ninth inning.
Now, you won't see this sort of thing in the box score or, likely, reports of the game, but we'll go out on a limb and assume part of Rodney's success in the game was the result of him feeling pretty relaxed.
Why was he so relaxed? Well, he enjoyed a calm, laid-back ride from the visitors' bullpen to the mound, courtesy of Detroit's bullpen cart. And yes, his cap was tilted for the journey: 

The takeaway, clearly, is that riding bullpen carts is the key to success.*
*Don't quote me on that.