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You haven't seen Fernando Rodney's bow-and-arrow routine until you've seen him do it in a snowstorm

Weather issues forced several postponements across MLB this weekend, including both Saturday and Sunday's scheduled White Sox-Twins games at Target Field. 
Not heading down to the ballpark for normal gameday activities means players suddenly found themselves with some extra time to spend at home, maybe nestled in front of the fireplace, keeping warm from the frigid cold outside -- well, except for Fernando Rodney:

That's his famous bow-and-arrow pose, but outside, in the snow, in shorts and a T-shirt! 
He also shoveled some snow out of the driveway, in a similar outfit:

Kudos and hats off (or at least sideways) to Rodney for the decision to brave the elements as he did. But, as he demonstrated last week while on the mound as the snow fell, he's not afraid of a little cold weather: 

Rodney and the Twins will escape the snowy conditions when they open up a special two-game series with the Indians at Puerto Rico's Hiram Bithorn Stadium on Tuesday night.