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The Marlins relaxed their facial hair rules, so here are five players we want to see grow out their fuzz

Despite being known by his glorious mustache, Marlins manager Don Mattingly outlawed facial hair on the team last year. With players arriving for the first workout on Tuesday, a stunning piece of news came out: The rule is being relaxed. Marlins facial hair has been freed ... provided that it's still professional.
Here are the five facial hair styles we hope these Marlins players unveil next year. If you're wondering why Ichiro isn't included, that's simple: His face is already perfect. 
Justin Bour: The Mattingly

He's their slugging first baseman. What other choice does he have? 
Giancarlo Stanton: Mutton chops

Mutton chops are probably the strongest facial hair choice you can make. After all, Wolverine doesn't sport them for fashion. 
Not only are they intimidating -- perfectly befitting a player who can blast dingers to the moon -- but they are a perfect match for the mouth guard that Stanton wears on his batting helmet. 
Christian Yelich: The Jeremiah Johnson

We're betting that the whole baby-faced look that Yelich has cultivated is just a ruse. Underneath all that is surely the ability to grow one of the world's greatest and thickest beards.
Marcell Ozuna: Young Adult Dystopia Chic

Ozuna is one of the most exciting players to watch in the sport, so it's only fitting that his "Hunger Games"-esque facial hair reflects that. 
Jake Esch: The MC Esch

Having trouble seeing this? One second, let me zoom and enhance:

Zoom ... enhance: 

Where does the beard begin and where does it end? Will batters be lost in the madness that is this artful beard? We may never know the answer to the first question, but the second is a resounding yes.