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Cole Hamels' beard is the beardiest offseason beard

We last left Cole Hamels in October as he took the loss for the Rangers in Game 1 of the ALDS. He was, at the time, sporting a relatively clean-shaven face:

Nearly four months later, though, he's working a very strong offseason beard:

Look at that! Hamels was sporting this thick vegetation last week at a fundraising event for the Hamels Foundation. 
But we want to know: Is this the gnarliest Hamels' beard has ever been? He was sporting some fuzz as recently as August:

And his beard during the 2015 season was pretty meaty:

His mustache in 2013 was also very befitting a man named Colbert:

But his current beard is on another level. Is it a trick of the lighting? Some sort of product? If you can find a photo of Hamels' beard looking even beardier, please, share. 
It looks like Hamels took the beard in for a trim over the weekend:

But don't worry, it is still going strong:

We're definitely a long way from 2004: