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Relive five of the best World Series parade moments before it's the Astros' turn on Friday

The Astros are World Series champions. You know what that means -- yes, Justin Verlander and Kate Upton are finally tying the knot. But, it also means there will be a celebratory parade on Friday in downtown Houston at 2 p.m. CT. Those in attendance will be able to see members of the newly crowned team along with members of the coaching and front office staff.

While this year's parade will certainly be a spectacle, here are a few other past parade moments that have stuck with us throughout history.

All he wants to do is dance

What is better than Tommy Lasorda? The answer is Tommy Lasorda dancing.

The Dodgers were World Series champs in 1988 and Lasorda, as the skipper, was very excited. So excited, he did a little dance move during a talk at the World Series parade:

You're welcome.

Anthony Rizzo gets emotional

The 2016 World Series trophy was in the hands of the Cubs. Beyond the excitement of the now broken curse, tears were shed -- happy tears of course.

During the parade last season, Anthony Rizzo took to the podium to speak to fans who had come out to Chicago to cheer on the champs. As Rizzo spoke about his teammate and friend David Ross, he began to get emotional:

The two share a strong bond and it was lovely to see the friendship after their hard work had paid off.

Shipping up to Boston

During the 2013 World Series parade, after the Red Sox won in six games to take home the title, there was quite the party.

The Dropkick Murphy's had their own float and performed what else, "Shipping up to Boston." The Red Sox's beloved mascot Wally was sharing a float with the group. And we are aware this song is stuck in your head now -- we apologize.

Jonny Gomes, FTW

When the Royals took home the World Series trophy in 2015, Jonny Gomes wanted the world to know how proud he was to be a member of the team during the parade. This speech took the form of something you would hear a WWE superstar say:

As he points to the crowd, U.S. flag in hand, he grabs the mic: "You know why we beat them," Gomes said. "Because all y'all people had our backs."

Talk about epic.

And remember that crowd? 800,000 people later, and you get shots like this:


It's raining MVPs

The Giants are no strangers to winning World Series championships -- and they will celebrate rain or shine. In this case, the rain was the theme of the day.

During the 2014 World Series parade following the team's third World Series trophy in five years, the Giants took to the streets of San Francisco to thank fans. There was just one problem … the rain. And that's OK because we have a couple photos of Madison Bumgarner sporting a poncho:



Can't wait to see what the Astros bring this year.