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After getting hit by a pitch, Francisco Cervelli faked a charge to the mound

There's a moment of tension immediately after a player gets hit by a pitch. You hope the player will be OK and that there will be no hard feelings between the batter and the pitcher. With the potential for injury and the near-certainty of a nasty bruise, getting hit by a pitch is no laughing matter.

Well, that's usually the case. During Thursday's Grapefruit League game against the Phillies, Pirates catcher Francisco Cervelli had a bit of fun after Juan Nicasio hit him in the fifth inning by pumping his arms as if preparing to charge the mound:

Spring Training looked like it was about to get super serious for a moment there. Fortunately, it was all fun and games between two friends. You see, Cervelli and Nicasio were teammates with the Pirates in 2016 and '17. So, after their little game, Cervelli peaceably made his way down the line to first base, where he shared a laugh with his former battery mate.