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Francisco Cervelli hit a car parked outside Wrigley Field with a massive home run

Every Spring Training features a handful of stories of players hitting parked cars during batting practice or games, but this rarely happens during the regular season. The reason: Major League parks are designed with the power of Major League hitters in mind.
During the first inning of Monday night's game against the Cubs, however, Pirates catcher Francisco Cervelli got a hold of a pitch from Cole Hamels and hit it high, far and right on out of Wrigley Field.

When it finally came down, it found the hood of a car outside the stadium as its final destination:

Fortunately, the ball avoided hitting the window, but it still left a noticeable dent. Hopefully that buffs right out.

[Photo: @DJohnsonATTSN / Twitter]
As Cervelli showed, there's a good reason the signs say not to park there.