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Attention, Cleveland: Vote early and often for the All-Star Game or Detective Lindor will find you

As of the most recent voting update released last week, no Indians were slated to start the 2017 All-Star Game.
But there was good news: Cleveland had a player in the top five at every single position. All was not lost. The good people of Cleveland simply needed some added motivation to get out the vote -- not just once or twice, but five times a day. Luckily, a seasoned detective is on the case, and he's brought some righteous puns with him:

Why yes, that is Francisco Lindor (with helpful sidekick Jose Ramirez) doing his best impression of Horatio Caine -- "CSI: Miami" detective and all-around wordsmith. And with law enforcement like this on the case, Indians fans will be sure to vote ...
Deploys sunglasses
Lind-or else.