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Francisco Lindor hit a home run completely out of Estadio Charros de Jalisco

When you think of Francisco Lindor, you probably think of his great socks, his cool hair and, oh yeah, his sparkling defense that makes the finest of jewels look tarnished and worn in comparison.

You may want to update that to include homers as Lindor -- with 27 Major League home runs to his name -- showed off that power potential against Mexico on Saturday night. After Ángel Pagán singled to lead off the game for Puerto Rico, Lindor stepped to the plate. He then deposited Miguel González's 1-2 offering outside of the ballpark, clearing the sky-high banners in right field along the way. 

Lindor then disposed of his bat the same way a giant would, hurling the tiny piece of kindling to the ground for its usefulness was over.