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Francisco Lindor likes to discuss cologne when he's on first base

The All-Star Game treated us to a number of awesome mic'd-up moments as players were interviewed by the broadcast throughout the course of the game. These glimpses into the on-field experience can be both hilarious and insightful, as we get a unique view into what our favorite players are thinking and talking about as they compete on the big league stage. 
For the most part, though, we are not privy to what is discussed amongst players during Major League games, and conversations between players are largely left up to our imagination. One of the most common sites of in-game social interaction is first base, where opposing baserunners and fielders spend the most time near each other. We often see the first baseman chatting up the baserunner, but what exactly do they talk about?
We checked in with a bunch of All-Stars to find out.
Check out the video at the top of the page to hear more.