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Fly ball gets stuck in Tropicana Field catwalk, Francisco Lindor immediately ducks and covers

The catwalks above Tropicana Field have claimed plenty of victims over the years: foul balls; home runs; electricity; Kevin Kiermaier's sanity.

But during Wednesday's Indians-Rays game, Francisco Lindor decided that he wasn't going to be one of them. When a Desmond Jennings popup refused to come down, Lindor didn't delay -- he didn't freeze in confusion, or look around, or try to actually play the ball. He had been preparing for this moment; he was ready. He ducked and covered.

Don't worry: No Francisco Lindors were harmed in the making of these shenanigans. The ball never did come down, and eventually the game resumed -- but in the catwalks it remains, watching, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike fear into the hearts of unsuspecting infielders.