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Freddie Freeman did not want to let former teammate Kelly Johnson leave first base

Freddie Freeman learned his lesson the first time.
In 2015, he and Kelly Johnson were Braves teammates to begin the season, only to be separated when Johnson was traded to the Mets at the deadline. Sure, the two found time to catch up

But you could tell that they missed each other. Then, Johnson signed with the Braves as a free agent in the offseason, and he and Freeman were once again teammates to start the season -- for two beautiful months, before Johnson was traded, again, to the Mets.
So, when Freeman met up with Johnson at first base during the Braves' 5-1 win at Citi Field on Friday night, he wasn't going to let his former teammate leave him for a third time. He was going to hold on, no matter the circumstances.

Never let go, Freddie. Never let go.