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Imagine running into your hero ... while dressed as them for Halloween

Imagine this: It's Halloween. You've spent days preparing and assembling the perfect costume. You've spent hours in front of the mirror, getting dressed and applying your makeup. You're finally ready: You have transformed from yourself -- a ho-hum nobody -- into the spitting image of your hero ... and then you run into them. Literally. On the street.

I don't even know how I'd react. Would I be proud and want to shout and scream and recreate the two Spider-mans meme? Would I be embarrassed and try to hide?

Fortunately, I have yet to have to experience this. But one young Braves fan did while he was out trick or treating on Thursday night. Dressed as Freddie Freeman, the actual Braves first baseman spotted the youngster out on the street.

I think my very favorite moment is Freeman asking, "Are you me?" Because even the impersonatee doesn't quite know how to react:

Of course, watching the video, I now know exactly how I would respond in this situation: with total and complete star-struck brain-lock. Which makes sense. I can barely speak if a grocery clerk asks me a question outside of the usual give-and-take, so I can't even fathom how I'd respond to my hero approaching me on the street and asking me for a picture.

Sure enough, the kid was thrilled. If only all our Halloween dreams turned out this way.