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No, we're not sure how Freddy Galvis made this astounding barehanded grab on a pop fly, either

Some moments you witness on the baseball diamond defy explanation, and Blue Jays shortstop Freddy Galvis was at the center of one of those type of plays in Saturday's game against the A's.

Nearly everything was going the Blue Jays' way on the afternoon, as they took an 8-0 lead to the bottom of the eighth inning, when Galvis did ... this, to deny Josh Phegley of a bloop single.

Huh? What? How? And in a day game, no less, with a tough sun field at the Oakland Coliseum, his back to the infield and all the other aspects of this play that just make no sense.

I don't know how you did that, Freddy, but fantastic job. This is one play we'll be talking about for a while ... much like we have this classic play from Giants outfielder Kevin Mitchell, who pulled off his feat in April 1989.

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