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The Fresno Grizzlies' A.J. Reed crushed a walk-off homer that hit a moving truck

After making his Major League debut last year, top Astros prospect A.J. Reed began this season in Triple-A Fresno -- with Houston bringing in Carlos Beltrán, Brian McCann and more, there just wasn't much playing time to go around. 
So far, Reed's making a pretty compelling case to be called back up to the Show: He's slashed .279/.391/.855 with 24 RBI in 38 games. But he knows that just hitting well won't be enough. It takes something extra to be a big leaguer. So, in the bottom of the ninth of Fresno's game against the Nashville Sounds on Wednesday, Reed didn't just hit a walk-off home run -- he hit a walk-off home run off of a moving truck:

The poor thing was just trying to back up in the parking lot:

We're not sure if "marksmanship" is a recognized scouting tool, but we do know that Reed is definitely an 80.