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Gary Sanchez can hit anything, even John Sterling's back in the broadcast booth

Something you should know about Yankees rookie catcher Gary Sánchez: He hits anything and everything.
There's plenty of evidence. He's hitting .400/.467/.900 this season, and he's hit 11 home runs faster than anyone in history. But when we say Sanchez can hit anything, we mostly mean John Sterling's back in the broadcast booth at Yankee Stadium.
During his at-bat in the fourth inning of the Yankees' 13-5 win over the Orioles on Saturday -- the same plate appearance that ended with his 11th dinger -- Sanchez fouled off a pitch that soared right into the booth and, apparently, plunked Sterling:

Trick-shot foul ball into the broadcast booth, a record-setting home run two pitches later. That's just the Gary Sanchez way.