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Let's all watch Evan Gattis homer on a pitch he had no business hitting in the first place

The Astros leapt out to an early lead during Friday's contest against the Rays, up 3-0 by the top of the third inning. But thanks to a few wild pitches from Mike Fiers and an RBI double from Corey Dickerson, the score was all knotted up by the end of the seventh. In the top of the ninth, Mikie Mahtook homered for the go-ahead run.
But hope was not lost. No, never fear when Carlos Correa and Evan Gattis are here. Correa hit one out to tie the game at 4 runs apiece. Then the man, the myth, El Oso Blanco himself, stepped up to the plate. Just watch the pitch: 

That ball sailed in 4.2 feet above the ground, around the height of your average 8-year-old. But this was standard for Gattis -- last year, he also pummeled a pitch way, way out of the strike zone:

Looks like the Astros' 5-4 win is just another paragraph to add to the tall tale that is Gattis' life. You know, people say that Minnesota's 10,000 lakes are just his footprints? OK, maybe people say that about Paul Bunyan, but I say it was Gattis. Also pretty sure that every star is the sky is only there because Gattis smacked it into the heavens.