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George Springer and Jake Marisnick's pregame football ritual was interrupted by a dinosaur

In their time as Astros teammates, George Springer and Jake Marisnick have developed a fun little ritual: A few hours before first pitch, they toss a football around.
With a game against the in-state rival Rangers on tap, Saturday afternoon was no different. Marisnick took the pigskin out onto the infield at Minute Maid Park, ready to work up a sweat and have a good t--WAIT A MINUTE IS THAT A DINOSAUR:

Something else we probably should have mentioned about Springer and Marisnick: Their love for baseball and shenanigans is matched only by their love for dinosaurs.

So Springer decided to spice up his pregame catch in a giant T-Rex costume. Great! All of his interests coming together. Except, well, while the T-Rex might excel at destroying giant fences, it's ability to catch footballs is ... limited.

Their manager, A.J. Hinch, could only shake his head. "I sort of avoided seeing it, but it does not surprise me," he told's Brian McTaggart. He told me a few weeks ago he was ordering it and I thought he was kidding, but I guess he was not. It's George being George."
To Springer's eternal credit, he struggled forth, determined to somehow pull off the impossible. Maybe he can recruit the Mariners dinosaur for help.