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George Springer launched a foul ball that somehow ended up in a deep fryer

Major League hitters are so preposterously talented, sometimes it seems like they're just putting the ball wherever they want for the heck of it -- into the camera well, into an actual camera, even into, uh, a bathroom. It's like one long game of H-O-R-S-E, being played by the best players in the world.
To George Springer, however, all of that is amateur hour. Sure, you can hit a ball onto a balcony in center field, but that's so expected. So, during the Astros' walk-off 3-2 win over the Orioles on Tuesday, he decided to show everyone how it was done by smoking a foul ball into the left-field concourse ... and up inside the deep fryer at the funnel cake stand:

Thankfully no one was hurt, the ball was removed and funnel cake production continued apace. Astros field reporter Julia Morales even managed to get her hands on the ball, only to discover that it was "still very warm." But now that Springer has broadened our ideas of where exactly a baseball can end up, what's next? A ball into a trash can? A lucky fan's commemorative ice cream batting helmet? Orbit's spaceship?!