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Gerardo Parra repeatedly calling time and Johnny Cueto getting mad about it is high human drama

Johnny Cueto is generally a pretty easygoing guy. When he's not sitting majestically atop a horse, he's befriending beluga whales or just generally managing the world's greatest Instagram account
But be warned: Cueto might be able to turn even something as ordinary as a Spring Training at-bat into performance art, but he takes his rhythm on the mound very, very seriously. Just ask Gerardo Parra, who -- after holding his hand up while he initiailly stepped into the box -- made the mistake of calling time not once, but twice in a row while facing Cueto with the bases loaded during Sunday's Giants-Rockies game:

Of course he's upset. Without his rhythm, how can Cueto appropriately shimmy and/or shake on the mound? HAVE YOU NO RESPECT FOR THE SHIMMYING, GERARDO? You've made Johnny Cueto upset. Johnny Cueto needs to take a minute to compose himself.

Cueto would eventually get the last laugh, getting Parra to line into a double play and pitching San Francisco to an 8-3 win. Really, though, we're all winners here.