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Gerardo Parra shook the demons out of Carlos Gonzalez's bat, and he promptly homered

Carlos González has not had the best of starts to his 2017 season. The four-time All-Star entered Tuesday's eventual 4-3 win over the D-backs with just five homers and a .219/.301/.335 triple slash on the campaign -- a far cry from his typical form.
So, before Gonzalez's fourth-inning at-bat against Zack Greinke, teammate Gerardo Parra turned to a Venezuelan dance to get the bad vibes out of CarGo's bat. Behold, the San Benito dance:

Parra had a reasonable explanation for's Max Gelman. "Just trying something good for CarGo, we need this guy's bat, we need this guy's potential," he said. "If CarGo's good, we're good, too."
The dance worked like a charm. Just a few pitches later, the power in CarGo's bat resurfaced with a massive drive to center.

That's more like the classic CarGo whom Rockies fans know and love.
Parra said that he'd been doing the San Benito every time that CarGo had gone up to hit, trying to get him going. The Rockies might be in first place in the NL West, but Parra said the team isn't resting on its laurels. "The team right now is putting everything together. Everybody here on the team, we need them," he said. "If CarGo's hitting it hard, we can't lose."
Although Parra is on the DL, Gonzalez clearly appreciated the efforts. "He's one of those guys that it doesn't matter where he is, if he's on the DL or if he's active, he's always loud, he's always making fun of the fans, the opposite team, always trying to keep everybody loose." he said. "It's always nice to have a guy like that on the team."
It was a solo homer, but maybe Parra should get an assist on the RBI. So will the San Benito continue?
Parra confirmed it. "He just told me, 'You do it again. Next time up, you do it again.'"
That's the power of dance.