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The New Orleans Zephyrs finally unveiled their new, NOLA-centric name: the Baby Cakes

Minor League Baseball teams sure know how to name themselves -- or at least pick amusing options for fans to vote on when deciding to make a change. 
Enter the New Orleans Baby Cakes, formerly known as the New Orleans Zephyrs, a staple of the PCL since 1997, the Marlins' current Triple-A affiliate and, on a larger scale, a Minor League organization for more than a century. Prior to this past season, the team revealed its desire to make a change, and invited fans to offer up suggestions.
On Tuesday, the club announced its newest phase, and it's one that has close ties to the culture of New Orleans and its famous snack item, king cakes.
Please welcome the Baby Cakes. No, really: 

This isn't a temporary or theme night-type name change, like the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Pierogies or Fresno Tacos. No, this is a real, official, long-term change that comes complete with a well-stocked team store: 

As for jerseys, well, the Baby Cakes also unveiled a number of looks as they open this new chapter -- including two Pelicans throwbacks, a nod to NOLA's pre-1978 Minor League club: 

This is just the latest in a growing number of baseball team name changes that are really quite Bananas. There was even a team that recently considered callling itself the Pizza Rats
Baby Cakes, however, is a fine, locally-appropriate moniker for this New Orleans club ... after all, the snack is as much a staple of the town as the team itself.